Prices of manufacturers of manufactured goods for August decreased by 1%

AK&M 21 September 2022 20:00

Prices of manufacturers of industrial goods in August 2022 decreased by 1% compared to July 2022, and increased by 1.3% compared to December 2021. This was reported by Rosstat.

In August, compared with July, in the extraction of minerals for supplies to the domestic market, a significant decrease in prices was noted for coking coal – by 40.9%, anthracite – by 31.6%, ores and concentrates of other non–ferrous metals not included in other groupings – by 31.5%, coal and anthracite enriched - by 25.9%, diamonds natural (except technical) – by 16.3%, coal, except anthracite, coking coal and brown coal – by 14%, unstable gas condensate – by 12.5%, iron ore concentrate – by 11.3%. At the same time, prices for crushed natural stone increased by 43.3%, amber – by 33.1%, nickel concentrates – by 22.3%.

In manufacturing industries, prices for chemicals and chemical products have been declining for the third month in a row. Most of all, prices decreased for derivatives of chlorinated acyclic hydrocarbons – by 33.9%, technical gas sulfur – by 28.6%, compound plasticizers and stabilizers for rubbers and plastics – by 26.3%, oils and other products of high–temperature distillation of coal tar and similar products – by 23.6%, oxides of other metals - by 17.1%, pigments and dyes not included in other groupings; inorganic substances used as phosphors – by 16.5%, isoprene rubbers and isoprene copolymers – by 16.1%, propylene polymers in primary forms – by 15.3%, saturated monatomic alcohols – by 15.2%, industrial fatty alcohols - by 14.8%. At the same time, prices for helium increased by 50.3%, amino compounds including an oxygen–containing functional group, except lysine and glutamic acid – by 30.5%, alkali and alkaline-earth metals; rare–earth metals, including scandium and yttrium; mercury – by 30.2%, argon - by 18.4%.

The price decline in metallurgy continues for the fourth month in a row. In August, prices for hollow cast iron pipes and profiles were lower by 28.3%, pig iron in ingots, blanks or other primary forms – by 20.6%, services for the production of precious metal products performed by a subcontractor – by 19.4%, other alloy steel in ingots or other primary forms and semi-finished products of other alloy steel – by 18.8%, platinum and platinum group metals, untreated or semi–processed, or in powder form – by 18.7%, non-circular welded pipes with an outer diameter of no more than 406.4 mm, steel - by 15.9%. At the same time, prices for ferrotitane increased by 44.4%, unalloyed steel in ingots or in other primary forms and semi–finished products made of unalloyed steel – by 31.1%, untreated zinc - by 22.1%, untreated nickel – by 20%.

At the same time, prices for certain types of motor vehicles, trailers and semi–trailers increased: vehicles for utilities and road maintenance – by 11%, passenger cars - by 4.2%.