The growth rate of mortgages in the Russian Federation in March amounted to 1.2%

AK&M 19 April 2024 19:21

The volume of the mortgage portfolio of Russian banks increased by 1.2% in March 2024 after a 0.8% increase in February. This is reported in the materials of the Bank of Russia.

Disbursements in March increased by 34% to 447 billion rubles, almost entirely due to mortgages with state support (+50%). Market mortgages increased by 5%.

The most popular program remains the "Family mortgage", the issuance of which increased in March by 50% to 169 billion rubles. "Preferential mortgage" increased by 37% to 95 billion rubles. The issuance of "IT mortgages" increased 1.9 times to 46 billion rubles.