The launch of electric bus traffic took place in Kursk

AK&M 04 December 2023 14:51

An electric bus service was launched in Kursk. 10 new electric buses have entered the route. This is stated in the message of the Sitronics Group.

Ultrafast charging stations (UBZS) were built by the Russian electric charging infrastructure operator Sitronics Electro (part of the Sitronics Group), which develops charging infrastructure throughout the country for personal, commercial and public electric vehicles. In Kursk, the operator has built three ultra-fast charging stations with a capacity of 300 kW, which allow electric buses to charge up to 80% in 15 minutes.

The park–type station – with six domes - is installed in a trolleybus depot and is designed for simultaneous charging of 6 electric buses at once with an even distribution of power over them. Two urban stations are installed along the route, each of which is designed for simultaneous charging of one electric bus.

Sitronics Group is a multidisciplinary Russian IT company that implements digital projects for business and the state, implements integrated solutions for smart cities, security and transport, digitalizes strategic sectors of the economy, shipping, maritime navigation, manufactures IT equipment under its own brand, provides satellite data and digital monitoring services, develops IoT systems and the software.