The Ministry of Construction will extend the majority of anti-crisis measures to support the construction complex next year

AK&M 06 December 2022 14:21

Most of the anti-crisis measures to support the construction complex will be extended next year. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation Sergey Muzychenko, the press service of the Ministry reports.

One of the key tasks S.Muzychenko called the change in the management system of construction projects, aimed at combining different and often poorly interconnected "steps" in all stages of construction.

The Deputy Minister spoke about the anti-crisis measures taken to support the regulatory and legal regulation of urban development activities. In reducing the investment and construction cycle to the current moment, the Ministry of Construction followed the path of eliminating duplications and obviously redundant procedures and actions.

In the future, the reduction of the regulatory burden will be associated with digitalization and the implementation of fundamentally new solutions: the introduction of a single list of regulatory documents in construction and a Digital register of requirements in the industry.