The Ministry of Natural Resources has sent to the Government a roadmap for launching a water fedproject

AK&M 02 December 2022 16:40

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia has prepared a roadmap for the implementation of a new federal project for the ecological improvement of water bodies in Russia. The document has been agreed with the concerned departments and will now be reviewed by the Russian Government office, the ministry reports.

"It is planned that the implementation of the joint water fedproject will begin in 2025. This initiative was previously supported by the head of state Vladimir Putin. The project will cover all regions of Russia. Rehabilitation measures will be carried out in the basins of such large rivers as the Volga, Amur, Don, Ural, Irtysh, Terek, Lena and other water bodies and their tributaries," said the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia. Alexander Kozlov, quoted in the message.

Today, according to the national project "Ecology", federal projects "Preservation of unique water bodies" and "Improvement of the Volga" are being implemented, which are calculated until the end of 2024. Each includes its own separate programs and roadmaps for the conservation of the Volga, Irtysh, Don and other rivers and lakes. At the same time, federal projects were originally planned to solve specific problems, which means that not all territories can count on federal support in matters of water conservation. The joint federal project will improve the condition of large rivers throughout the country.

"In fact, we have a lot to do in the remaining two years: approve the rules for granting subsidies and methods for distributing subventions, prepare methods for calculating the indicators of the federal project, but the main thing is to identify the most problematic points. For this purpose, an analysis of wastewater discharges and the results of hydrochemical monitoring of control gates over the past 10 years will be carried out. Already next year, 2023, together with the regions, we will begin to form lists of measures for the improvement of rivers and lakes," said A.Kozlov.

In particular, it is planned that the joint federal project will include measures to restore water bodies, construction and repair of hydraulic engineering and sewage treatment plants, the lifting of sunken ships, measures to reduce the negative impact on water bodies of industrial enterprises. Until 2024, a specific list of measures will be formed with a justification of the amount of federal budget expenditures and an assessment of the effects of their implementation.

Recall that according to the results of the implementation of the federal project "Improvement of the Volga" by November 2022, the construction and reconstruction of 73 sewage treatment plants of housing and communal services in 13 regions was completed, as a result, the volume of wastewater discharge into the river decreased by 0.77 cubic km per year, or by 22%. In total, 18 more treatment facilities with a total capacity of 0.04 cubic km per year will be put into operation by the end of 2022.

In addition, this year the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has allocated 200 million rubles for the clearing of riverbeds in the Voronezh, Lipetsk and Rostov regions, and the development of PSD for work in the Krasnodar Territory, Belgorod, Volgograd, Oryol, Rostov, Saratov, Tambov regions. Major repairs of three hydraulic structures in the Rostov region are being carried out, five more are planned from next year. Almost 117 million rubles are provided for this in the Ministry of Economic Development.