Turkey is ready to ensure uninterrupted supply of Russian food

AK&M 23 May 2022 19:59

Turkish companies have expressed their readiness to ensure the uninterrupted supply of Russian food. This was announced by the Federal Center "Agroexport" following the results of the round table "Russia-Turkey: how to ensure uninterrupted supply?". The event was held as part of a business mission of Russian exporters organized by the Federal Center "Agroexport" with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in the Republic of Turkey. The participants – producers of agricultural products, shipping and logistics companies, port operators, distributors and customs brokers – discussed the problems faced by shippers and consignees under the sanctions pressure, and ways to solve them.

Over the past three years, the issue of uninterrupted supplies has come to the fore on the entire world market of agricultural products and food, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Sergey Levin, whose words are quoted in the message. The coronavirus pandemic has led to significant difficulties and restrictions in the established traditional supply chains, the problems have been exacerbated by the current situation in the Azov-Black Sea basin. "This creates new challenges and, accordingly, new opportunities for market participants to ensure the continuity of supplies of key food and agricultural products for the world. And here Turkey has a unique chance to increase its presence and its role in this market," S. Levin said. Turkish ports can serve as a transshipment base for Russian companies, and Turkish shipping companies and the fleet can take over a significant part of the released cargo flow.

About 80% of the physical and 58% of the value of Turkey's imports are carried out by sea, and in 2011-2021 the growth rate of Turkish sea transportation was much faster than the global average, said Secretary General of the Association of Port Operators Irfan Bilgin, whose words are quoted in the message. The port of Haidarpasha in Istanbul can occupy an important place in the flow of goods, the head of the seaport Hilmi Dubnez continued.

Abdullah Yeshil, Managing Partner of Kay Investment Foreign Trade, shared the options of the developed transport routes, the solution of financial and logistical issues. "Turkey can become an excellent partner for Russian companies. There are many options for such a partnership: working with Turkish distributors, opening a branch in Turkey, using port, customs warehouses and free zones, creating joint production, re–exporting," A.Yesil listed.

Middle Corridor Logistics Operating Director Hamdi Suslu, Managing Director of ANDE Logistics Services and Foreign Trade Fatih Aksayly and General Director of Ekinoks Gümrük Müşavirliği Zekerya Chapkin also offered their services in expanding bilateral trade relations.