Udmurtia and Hyper have signed an agreement on the development of electric transport in the region

AK&M 01 March 2024 10:39

Chairman of the Government of Udmurtia Yaroslav Semenov and CEO of Hyper Alexey Tikhonov signed an agreement on the systematic development of electric transport. This is stated in the company's message.

According to the document, Hyper specialists will develop a strategy for the development of electric transport in the region and form a list of necessary measures to stimulate demand for electric transport, assist in the allocation of locations for the installation of charging stations, based on the tasks of the owners of the fleet of electric vehicles.

The company plans to become an investor in the creation of a network of charging stations in the territory of the Udmurt Republic, and subsequently – to take over the management of the implementation of EHS, ensuring their operation and maintenance. In addition, Hyper will provide software platform solutions for the operation of charging stations and their interaction with end users-owners of electric vehicles.

Hyper was founded in 2022. Specializes in the development of electric propulsion in Russia. The company develops software and services for both EHS owners and their users.

In 2023, Hyper implemented the first project in Nizhny Novgorod, launching together with partners an electric taxi service for residents of the city.