UES-Garant and Hevel conclude deals on the purchase of green certificates in the national system

AK&M 29 February 2024 19:01

The energy sales company UES-Garant concludes a number of transactions for the purchase of green certificates for customers in the amount of 220 million kWh generated by Hevel solar power plants. This may be the first transaction in the green attributes market since the new legislative norms came into force, T Plus said in a statement.

Green certificate (certificate of origin of electric energy) is a document confirming the fact of production of electric energy at a renewable or low–carbon energy facility.

Large businesses that are responsible for the environment are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their production and products. The use of such certificates allows him to declare the application of the principles of sustainable development in the management model.

Before the advent of the mechanism for issuing green certificates in Russia, companies could confirm the use of renewable energy sources (RES) in their work in two ways: through the conclusion of bilateral agreements for the purchase of electricity produced by RES, or through the construction of their own renewable generation.

With the advent of green certificates, customers have access to another more flexible and comfortable, globally recognized tool that simplifies the confirmation of the origin of the electricity used.

The Hevel Group of Companies was founded in 2009. The company's structure includes three divisions: a plant for the production of solar modules in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic), a development division that designs, builds and operates solar power plants, as well as a Scientific and Technical Center for Thin-film Technologies in Energy (St. Petersburg).

The UES-Garant company was founded in 2009. The main activity is concentrated in two main areas: the sale of electricity and the provision of energy saving services, improving the energy efficiency of customers.

T Plus Group (until June 2015 - KES Holding) is a Russian private company operating in the field of electric power and heat supply. Main activities: generation, energy trading, retail, energy service. T Plus provides energy supply in 16 regions of Russia. Under the management of the T Plus group there are 53 power plants, more than 400 boiler houses and over 21.7 thousand km of heating networks. The installed electric capacity of the group's power facilities is 14.5 GW, and the thermal capacity is 51.8 thousand. Gcal/h.

T Plus's profit under IFRS for the first half of 2023 fell by 11.4% to RUB 11.88 billion from RUB 13.4 billion a year earlier. Revenue increased by 12.76% to RUB 247.17 billion from RUB 219.19 billion. Operating profit decreased by 19% to RUB 19.5 billion from RUB 24.12 billion.