Vladimir Putin approved a new concept of Russia's foreign policy

AK&M 31 March 2023 16:26

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the Concept of Russia's Foreign Policy. The relevant document is posted on the Kremlin's website.

Among the priorities of Russia's foreign policy in the concept is the formation of a just and sustainable world order.

Russia strives to form a system of international relations that would ensure reliable security, preservation of cultural and civilizational identity, equal opportunities for development for all states regardless of their geographical location, size of territory, demographic, resource and military potentials, political, economic and social structure.

In order to meet these criteria, the system of international relations, in accordance with the concept, should be multipolar and based on the following principles: sovereign equality of states, respect for their right to choose models of development, social, political and economic structure; rejection of hegemony in international affairs; cooperation based on a balance of interests and mutual benefit; non-interference in internal affairs the supremacy of international law in the regulation of international relations, the rejection of the policy of double standards by all states.

In order to facilitate the adaptation of the world order to the realities of a multipolar world, the Russian Federation, in accordance with the concept, intends, in particular, to pay priority attention to: eliminating the rudiments of the dominance of the United States and other unfriendly states in world affairs, creating conditions for any state to abandon neocolonial and hegemonic ambitions; restoring the role of the UN as a central coordinating mechanism.

Russia intends to strengthen the potential and enhance the international role of the BRICS, SCO, CIS, EAEU, CSTO, RIC (Russia, India, China) and other interstate associations and international organizations, as well as mechanisms with significant participation of Russia.