Vladimir Putin proposed extending the family mortgage program until 2030

AK&M 29 February 2024 14:08

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed extending the family mortgage program until 2030 and maintaining the main parameters of the program. The head of state stated this in his address to the Federal Assembly.

The opportunity to send 450 thousand rubles to repay the mortgage. for families, at the birth of a third child, it will remain.


The XXII All-Russian Conference "Mortgage Lending in Russia" will be held in Moscow on March 29, 2024. The conference was organized by the AK&M news agency with the participation of relevant ministries, departments, as well as leaders of the affordable housing and mortgage lending market.

The new reality of 2024 asks more questions than it answers. What will happen to the bids? What support measures will the state offer? How will events unfold in the mortgage and real estate market? How can digital technologies reduce costs and increase business efficiency?

Leading experts will discuss the most likely scenarios, suggest tools and development paths that will help maintain stability in the market.


Registration is available on the conference website - https://conf.akm.ru/ipoteka/2024 /