VTB will increase its office network by 40%

AK&M 07 December 2023 12:38

VTB plans to expand the scale and accessibility of banking services for retail customers. To do this, over the next 3 years, the bank will increase its office network by 40%, enter new territories for itself, and expand the staff of couriers (1.5 times next year). This is stated in the bank's message.

Today, VTB's office network has 1.3 thousand points in 79 regions of the Russian Federation, and serves more than 17.5 million retail customers and more than 1 million legal entities. As part of the network development strategy until 2026, the bank plans to expand the availability of banking services to 100% of the subjects of the federation and cities with a population of 50 thousand people or more, covering essentially the entire financially active population of the country. Next year VTB will open its offices in Ingushetia, Kalmykia, Tuva and Karachay-Cherkessia.

This year, VTB has developed a special format of "light" service points in small towns, where the bank is not yet represented by large branches, as well as in new areas of megacities. Their functionality does not differ from the usual one, but the area is smaller – about 50 sq. m. meters. In the summer, VTB opened 6 such offices in the Ivanovo, Sverdlovsk and Kemerovo regions, next year their number will exceed 120 points.

VTB plans to significantly strengthen the infrastructure for its customers as part of its integration with Otkritie, combining 240 bank offices under a single brand. Another 250 offices will be opened by VTB as part of the development of its own network, thus, in 2026 the number of points of sale of the bank will reach 1.8 thousand. All offices will be distinguished by high technology, comfortable barrier-free service and a convenient space with an ATM area.

The second area of increasing accessibility for VTB will be the development of courier delivery of products and services, which can fully replace customer communication in the office. In 2024, the bank plans not only to increase the number of field managers by 1.5 times, but also to expand the geography of their presence to 3.5 thousand settlements. On the horizon of 3 years, 94% of Russians in 23 thousand localities will be able to use VTB courier delivery. This will allow them not only to register their usual credit or savings products, but also to set up digital services to work with the bank 24/7.

Currently, the bank's services are mainly available in large cities and regional centers. VTB's task is to increase the coverage of physical channels by 2 times. As a result, the VTB network should cover more than 100 million people.

VTB Group is a Russian financial group comprising more than 20 credit and financial companies operating in all major segments of the financial market. In the CIS countries, the group is represented in Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. VTB banks in Austria, Germany and France operate within the framework of a European sub-holding headed by VTB Bank (Austria). In addition, the group has subsidiaries and associated banks in the UK, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia and Angola, as well as one branch of VTB Bank in China and India, two branches of VTB Capital Plc. in Singapore and Dubai.