A new type of route in Yandex Maps combines taxi and metro

Yandex 19 September 2023 18:47

Combined routes with taxi and metro appeared in Yandex Maps. Now, when planning trips by public transport, Maps offer a route option with ordering a taxi to the metro station. This will save time and make the trip more comfortable if you walk for a long time or have to wait for the bus. Now combined routes are already available in the Android app in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The maps themselves will suggest the optimal station to start the trip and calculate the total travel time taking into account the situation on the roads, and you can order a taxi right at the stage of route selection. At the same time, the starting station is selected so as to make the whole trip more convenient. For example, it may be located not on the nearest, but on the next metro line, if this allows you to get there faster or there will be fewer transfers.

Using Map data on traffic lanes, signs and parking lots, cartographers marked 936 drop-off points near the stations. These are places where taxi drivers can, observing the rules, stop the car and from where passengers can not go far to the entrance to the subway. The points are located on both sides of the road, which will help shorten the route and avoid making a long U-turn by taxi where it is faster to use a pedestrian crossing.

Yandex Maps is an application for the city that answers everyday questions of pedestrians and drivers. In the Maps, you can always find out the current schedule of public transport and see online where the desired tram, bus or trolleybus goes. In addition, you can sign up for beauty salons directly in the application, book tables and solve other everyday tasks. 90 million people use the web version and mobile application of the service every month.

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