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MGIMO and Sitronics Group begin to cooperate in the scientific and practical field and training of managerial personnel

Sitronics Group 24 November 2022 16:41

Sitronics Group, which develops digital solutions in the interests of business and the state, and MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia signed an agreement on cooperation and joint activities in order to expand the capabilities of the Department of Public Administration to train future professionals for high-tech fields.

In the future, the agreement will allow university students studying in the field of training "State and Municipal Administration" to undergo training, production and research practice at Sitronics Group.

"MGIMO is one of the oldest university centers in the country for training specialists of international level, which implements more than 100 educational programs. Based on the current demand in the modern labor market, the university updates and supplements educational programs with the involvement of employers and industry experts. Cooperation with Sitronics Group, a recognized corporate partner in the IT industry, will allow updating the topics of the courses and strengthening the focus on developing practical skills in accordance with the requirements of a potential employer. It is equally important to expand the programs of practical training and internships of students," said Sergey Kamolov, Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Faculty of Management and Politics of MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Sitronics Group is among the top twenty of the "Rating of Russian employers" according to RBC. The company develops IT solutions for the digital transformation of key sectors of the economy, implements solutions for smart cities, manufactures its own IT equipment, creates complex developments in the field of digitalization of shipping and satellite production technology, actively develops electric charging infrastructure and produces electric vessels. Sitronics Group is a member of Sistema AFC Group and cooperates with universities within the framework of the Corporation's ESG agenda.

"Cooperation with universities in order to train professional personnel, including managerial ones, is an important task that will give universities a more accurate orientation to the real needs of business and economic sectors. I am confident that joint efforts to develop innovative training technologies at MGIMO and the formation of a professional staff reserve of Sitronics Group will allow us to effectively fulfill our strategic tasks," said Nikolay Pozhidaev, President of Sitronics Group.

In the interests of the MGIMO Department of Public Administration, within the framework of this agreement, it is planned that the parties will participate in joint projects, conduct master classes, seminars, conferences and round tables. At the end of November 2022, a joint Sitronics Group conference dedicated to state regulation in the field of private space entrepreneurship will be organized on the basis of MGIMO.

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