Sitronics KT demonstrated autonomous navigation technology for ferries

Sitronics Group 30 June 2022 18:36

As part of the demo flight, Sitronics KT conducted tests of updated autonomous navigation technology systems that will be installed on Rosmorport ferries on the Ust-Luga - Kaliningrad route.

The demonstration of the updated autonomous navigation system and the optical system for analyzing the surface situation was carried out on the technical vessel "Rosmorport" — the scow "Rabochaya" in the waters of the port of Tuapse. Monitoring of the vessel's operation and remote control was carried out from a remote control located in the St. Petersburg office of Sitronics KT.

Before the start point of the demo flight, the scow was in autonomous mode - the captain laid out the route, and the automation worked out its execution: the environment was analyzed, the engine rotations and steering angles changed. All waypoints were reached according to the schedule.

After that, the remote control was activated, which was conducted from the Sitronics KT office at a distance of 1800 km from the ship. This was facilitated by the operation of an optical system that transmits a 360-degree image from the ship in real time.

Then the vessel was returned to autonomous mode to demonstrate the subsystem of automatic maneuvering and divergence. The vessel "Captain Rybakov", also owned by Rosmorport, created various situations on the route of the Working scow, crossed the trajectory of its movement. The autonomous navigation system of the scow identified situations and automatically built divergence maneuvers, thereby successfully ensuring traffic safety.

"In the near future, we will have to retrofit the ferries General Chernyakhovsky and Marshal Rokossovsky, owned by Rosmorport, with the necessary equipment and supply the appropriate software. The successful demonstration showed the efficiency of our technology to customers," commented Andrey Rodionov, CEO of Sitronics KT.

After completion of the work, the ferries will be assigned the MANS class (marine autonomous or remotely operated vessel), which allows you to control the vessel from the coastal center, as well as use the autonomous transition mode.

At the moment, Sitronics KT has created the technical and software parts of a complex of systems for autonomous navigation. The solution is undergoing trial operation in real conditions. The technology is equipped with 4 vessels of the commercial fleet of Rosmorport, Pola Rise and Sovcomflot companies participating in the experiment on testing marine autonomous vessels. The experiment is being carried out with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

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