Skolkovo helped residents sign dozens of contracts for the supply of components from China

Skolkovo 24 March 2023 14:19

Details of the work of the Skolkovo representative office in China over the past year were announced by Yuri Saprykin, Vice President for Regional and International Development, Managing Director of the Fund. According to his estimates, the volume of work related to the restructuring of logistics chains and the replacement of components will grow by one and a half to two times this year.

"Our task is to ensure that the representative office reaches payback with its services. The volume of services in the interests of our startups, as well as large Russian and Chinese industrial partners, is estimated at about 100-150 companies per year," he noted Yuri Saprykin.

According to him, Chinese partners appreciate developments based on deep knowledge-intensive technologies. Among the examples, a graduate of Skolkovo, Vocord, a developer of solutions in the field of face recognition and video analytics, who attracted investments from Huawei.

A number of residents, such as the developer of smart designers "Robbo", the manufacturer of prosthetics "Motorika", have offices and representative offices in China. Many Russian companies actively participate in government programs and competitions. Yuri Saprykin also expects the growth of cooperation between Russia and China in the fields of telecom and space.

The representative office of Skolkovo in China has been operating since 2016. As Yuri Saprykin emphasized, in the early years the Foundation actively established cooperation with Chinese partners, organized the participation of residents in specialized forums and exhibitions.

"Since 2014, when geopolitical shifts began to occur, it became clear to many companies that the Chinese market should be dealt with seriously. We felt this trend, and began to help our residents to take place in this market," Yuri Saprykin summed up. 

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