The UEC engine provided the launch of the newest Soyuz-2.1v rocket

Rostec 31 March 2023 16:02

The NK-33A engine, produced by the Samara enterprise "ODK-Kuznetsov" of the United Engine Corporation, provided the launch of the newest Russian light-class rocket "Soyuz-2.1v" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome with a spacecraft in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The power plant worked without comments.

The launch took place from the launcher of the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region on March 29 at 22:57 Moscow time. It was the tenth launch of a light-class launch vehicle equipped with the NK-33A powerplant.

Specialists of the service center and design engineers of UEC-Kuznetsov took part in the preparation of the launch vehicle for launch, and also observed the operation of the engine in flight. The NK-33A worked without any comments and successfully launched the launch vehicle into a given orbit.

The domestic program of flight design tests (LKI) of the new Soyuz-2.1v launch vehicle with the NK-33A engine started on December 28, 2013 and ended on July 10, 2019, five launches were successfully carried out. All tasks within the framework of the LKI have been completed in full, now the regular operation of the product is underway to put the payload into orbit.

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