04 July 2022 19:27

The maximum rate on ruble deposits in the largest banks of the Russian Federation decreased to 7.72%

In the first decade of June, the rate was 9.09% per annum.
04 July 2022 19:18

Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy held an environmental campaign "Clean City"

Employees of the Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy enterprise held an annual environmental campaign "Clean City" for cleaning urban and adjacent territories

04 July 2022 19:09

Mikhail Mishustin: There is a certain decline in certain industries

But nowhere has the Russian Federation come close to the critical mark.

04 July 2022 18:46

The Cabinet of Ministers will soon present an updated model of industrial clusters

Resident companies that will be able to establish production of products from the list of critical imports will receive even more preferences.
04 July 2022 17:14

The Cabinet of Ministers has defined a new measure of support for domestic manufacturers of components for cars and agricultural machinery

We are talking about subsidizing loans that investors receive from the Industrial Development Fund for the development and creation of components and assemblies for cars and agricultural machinery.
04 July 2022 17:11

The MAYOR sent a report on the results of the SEZ work to the Government

The leaders in efficiency for 2021 were industrial production zones in the Republic of Tatarstan (100%), in Lipetsk (97.7%) and Tula, Moscow (Stupino Kvadrat), Kaluga regions (96.7%).
04 July 2022 14:31

AK&M has released the results of the M&A market with Russian assets for May

The total value of transactions increased 1.6 times compared to May 2021, amounting to $7.83 billion.